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Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 11:28 am N/A



Name:Michelle Elizabeth
Any piercings?:ears and nose
Tattoos?:not yet :D

<*>YoUr FaVoRiTe:<*>

Name: Isabella or Annabella
Actor and actress: Don't like Hollywood..bleck...
Band/artist: Dave Matthews Band, System of a Down, Manson, Slipknot
Genre of music: almost anything except country
C.D.: Before These Crowded Streets, Lest We Forget, The Subliminal Verses pt. 3, Toxicity
Food: salad and anything fried..junk food is my friend
Store: Hot Topic, Torrid's
Color: pink/black, purple, deep red

>*>MoRe QuEsTiOnS<*<

Have your license? of course :D
Are you in love? If yes, for how long? NOOO...
(Don't answer if you answered "yes" to above question)
Have you ever been in love? I thought I was
Are you in a band? Nope
Can you play an instrument? Piano
What do you love about yourself? (i.e. best features, worst features)my eyes, my intelligence and education is really important to me.. My drive for success is what I'm proud of the most.

<><>Tell me a story about a time when you stuck up for something you believed in...<><> Well, I had a best friend for four years. We were very close, and pretty much like sisters. We were always together and had the best times... Until she moved away (only about an hour away). While she lived here, she had a sex buddy.. Which I don't mind necessarily because if that makes her happy, that makes her happy. It wasn't until I was becoming a taxi that I minded. She would say she was coming to see me for my birthday, and not even see me at all, just go over to his house and expect me to pick her up and drive her anywhere. I'm a rather shy person, so I never said anything and always consented so as not to make her mad at me. Finally, one day, I could not take it anymore.. I made my point that I was her best friend and she was choosing this guy over me and it was hurting me. It felt good to finally stick up for myself and ever since then, I don't let anyone take advantage of me because I am better than that.

*Tell me how beautiful you think you are* Of course we all know that true beauty lies on the inside-it's in our words and our actions and our heart. I think that even though I'm no Cindy Crawford or Paris Hilton, I have the ability to be a strong, independent woman. I'm no model, but I found out that I'm beautiful because of the friends I surround myself with and the emotional support I needed to make myself beautiful on the inside.

*~How did you find out about this community?~* Through promotion on another community.

.*:.*If accepted, what do you feel you will have to do to be a dedicated member?*.:*.Check the page often and be a friend to the others in the community as well as promote.

*~*Type your paragraph(Minimum of 4 sentences)on what makes you an ethreal beauty here: A person must have a good presence to them or else no one wants to be around them... So, I try my hardest to have a good personality and sense of humor to be around. There is a security when people are around me that they know they can trust me. I try to give off the sense of security and help to those who need it.

.::Post your beautiful pictures here, dear::.

by the way, I'm the one in the tiara!! :)
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Date:March 10th, 2005 06:00 pm (UTC)

Oh yeah

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Girl, I say yes because I'm back in black and I'm the mod of the community. SO welcome to the jungle. We've got fun and games:):)! YAY, you!
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Date:March 11th, 2005 08:34 am (UTC)

Re: Oh yeah

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haha yay im so excited.. i was sad when the community sort of died lol thanks